SaniServ Model 624S Floor Model Smoothie Machine with AccuFreeze Control

SaniServ Model 624S Floor Model Smoothie Machine with AccuFreeze Control



Model 624, five 16 oz servings per minute per side, 20 qt capacity per side  (624)

The SaniServ model 624S Floor Model Freezer provides not one but two favorite shake flavors in a high production floor model machine!  The SaniServ® model 624S Smoothie Freezer provides consistent quality yogurt and fruit. The output and versatility of the 624S means owners and operators can choose two of their best sellers and because each side of the machine utilizes its own 2 HP refrigeration system, customers are always insured of getting their favorites! Add a pair of spinners for each side and the shake flavor choices are endless! EASY CLEANING AND OPERATION
Fewer Parts = Simplified Cleaning – SaniServ®
equipment is designed and built with the fewest parts
to be disassembled, cleaned and sanitized than any
other machine in the industry. The state of the art
solid-state AccuFreeze® control insures product
consistency, worry-free operation and customer
Increased Profits – SaniServ® machines combine
efficiency with consistent product quality and fast,
quiet operation while insuring customer satisfaction
with high profit and nutritious smoothie products.
Durability – SaniServ® machines are built to
achieve long and dependable life through simplicity
of design. Every machine is shipped standard with
a stainless steel exterior, durable steel interior
frame construction, heavy-duty components and
consistency systems.

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