Fresh Freeze 100% Granita Mix Mango 6 x 1/2

Fresh Freeze 100% Granita Mix Mango 6 x 1/2

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Fresh Freeze 100% Juice Granita mix is manufactured using the highest quality ingredients available. 100% Granita was made to satisfy the needs of school systems and health care facilities that demand a healthy alternative . Our product contains 100% Real Fruit Juice and Purees which mean no added sugar, color or flavor, and have a fresh fruity taste with the aromatic smell of freshly picked fruit

Taste the difference of our Real Fruit 100% Juice Granita

Fresh Freeze 100% juice granita mix is a shelf stable product, it does not require being frozen or refrigerated and as an average shelf life of 12 months which can be prolonged if stored in a cool dry place

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