Rods, Shafts & Pins

Rods, shafts, and pins are long pieces of metal essential for transmitting rotary energy from one part of a machine to another. Ice cream and frozen beverage machines rely on the synchronizing of all their components to store and dispense frozen treats. A damaged or faulty rod, shaft, or pin can result in movement not being transmitted to a critical part of the machine, slowing or halting production altogether. Prevent this from happening by shopping for replacement rods, shafts and pins at FroBev.

About SaniServ Equipment

SaniServ played a big part in the fast food boom of the 1950s after creating the first custard machine in 1931. Today, the simplistic designs of SaniServ’s products has made it a trusted manufacturer of ice cream and frozen beverage machines and parts nationwide. Trusted by millions of customers, FroBev is proud to be an authorized distributor of SaniServ machine parts.

Rods, Shafts & Pins for Ice Cream Machines

Rods, shafts, and pins are responsible for connecting and transmitting kinetic energy to different parts of ice cream machines. All these components work together to carry out the essential functions of transporting fluids, maintaining optimal temperature and dispensing frozen treats. A faulty rod, shaft or pin can affect one or more of the above functions.

Rods, Shafts & Pins for Frozen Beverage Machines

The rotational device in frozen beverage machines is what gives slushies their consistency. Straddling the perfect balance between icy and watery, it is not hard to figure out the allure of slushies. If a rod, shaft or pin is not working, the consistency of frozen beverages can be affected, and customers can walk away without getting what they came for.

Rods, Shafts & Pins for Smoothie Shake Machines

As with smoothie shake machines, rods, shafts and pins play a big part in generating the movement of the rotational device which gives smoothies their consistency. Churning the contents to even out thicker chunks of syrup, customers are attracted to smoothies for their soft consistency. A damaged rod, shaft or pin can mean that smoothie shake machines are unable to produce beverage at the desired consistency.

Rods, Shafts & Pins for Batch Freezers

Batch freezers are critical when it comes to achieving the perfect consistency and optimal temperature in which to store ice cream. A series of different machine parts and components work together to make this happen and when a rod, shaft or pin is broken or damaged, it can render the batch freezer out of service.

Why Should You Work with FroBev for Rods, Shafts & Pins?

If you need a replacement rod, shaft or pin for your ice cream or frozen beverage machine, FroBev is your one-stop shop. We specialize in machines, parts and products that are essential in whipping up the perfect frozen treats for your customers. When you shop with us, you can be sure to find the perfect replacement part you need to keep your machine functioning and ready to meet customer demand.

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