Cap Tubes

Short for capillary tubes, cap tubes are an important component of any machine that makes, dispenses or stores frozen treats. This includes both frozen beverages and ice cream. Its purpose being to control the flow of refrigerant, which is crucial in maintaining cold air, it also connects the remote bulb to the thermostat. Cap tubes play an important part in maintaining the temperature of ice cream and frozen beverages and if one is damaged, your entire stock in danger of turning to liquid. Do not let that happen – shop for new cap tubes at FroBev today.

About SaniServ Equipment

Following its momentous achievement of making the first custard machine in 1931, SaniServ has been paving the way towards food service automation since. Today, the continuous improvement and state of the art control systems of SaniServ’s equipment has made it a trusted manufacturer of ice cream and frozen beverage machines and parts. SaniServ is proud to have a wide base of customers throughout the food service industry nationwide.

Cap Tubes for Ice Cream Machines

It goes without saying that ice cream has to be maintained at a low temperature to prevent it from melting. Not only are you unable to serve melted ice cream to customers, the wastage that occurs as a result can seriously cut into your profits. When your cap tubes are damaged, salvage the situation immediately by getting them replaced.

Cap Tubes for Frozen Beverage Machines

The allure of frozen beverages has always been their “slushy” quality, halfway between ice and liquid. If the cap tubes within your frozen beverage machine are damaged, slushies can quickly melt into liquid. When that happens, customers can just as simply opt for a canned or bottled drink. Pre-empt the situation by getting damaged cap tubes replaced timely.

Cap Tubes for Smoothie Shake Machines

The same applies when it comes to smoothie shake machines. Your customers can easily opt for canned or bottled drinks if your machine cannot produce the frozen beverage they came for. When you shop for quality cap tubes that will fit your smoothie shake machine at FroBev, you are ensuring a higher ROI on your smoothie shake machine.

Cap Tubes for Batch Freezers

If your batch freezer cannot maintain an optimal temperature for your ice cream, production will be brought to a halt and you can even stand to lose your existing stock. Prevent such a scenario from happening when you replace damaged cap tubes timely.

Why Should You Work with FroBev for Cap Tubes?

At FroBev, we are a one-stop shop for everything to do with frozen beverages and ice creams. We specialize in machines, parts and products that are essential in whipping up the best frozen treats for your customers and you can be sure to find everything you need when you shop with us. If you have a damaged cap tube or two that needs replacing, find the perfect replacement at our online shop today.

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