• Why Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines Are So Popular

    Today, popular treats people usually opt for are soft serve ice cream and frozen yoghurt. These treats are cold, refreshing and absolutely delicious. They are also extremely versatile desserts. You can place them in waffles or sugar cones. Read on to find out more about what makes soft serve ice cream so popular, and why they are overtaking traditional ice cream.
  • The Science Behind Brain Freeze And How To Prevent It

    Chances are, you have experienced brain freeze at least once, and maybe oftener if you have a soft spot for frozen treats. Also known as “ice cream headaches”, some people may think that brain freeze is an inevitable side effect of consuming frozen beverages or ice cream, however that is not true. Brain freeze occurs when a specific blood vessel in the roof of your mouth is triggered and can be prevented before it happens.
  • Top Features And Benefits Of Ice Cream Machines

    Ice cream has endured as a popular dessert choice throughout the years, coming in a variety of flavors to suit any taste and palette. From the classic vanilla to butterscotch and chocolate, dairy-free options such as sorbet have ensured that everyone with any dietary requirement can enjoy this delicious dessert.
  • Why Should You Invest In A Frozen Beverage Machine?

    When it comes to adding a new product line or menu item to your store or restaurant, a frozen beverage machine is your best bet. Coming with the advantages of increasing foot traffic and generating revenue, it seems that the allure of frozen beverages has never died down and is, in fact, on the rise.