• Why Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines Are So Popular

    Today, popular treats people usually opt for are soft serve ice cream and frozen yoghurt. These treats are cold, refreshing and absolutely delicious. They are also extremely versatile desserts. You can place them in waffles or sugar cones. Read on to find out more about what makes soft serve ice cream so popular, and why they are overtaking traditional ice cream.

    You Do Not Need a Bowl

    With soft serve ice cream, there is no clean up required, other than licking your fingers. You can simply top off a cone with some soft serve ice cream, and eat the entire thing. This means there is less waste as well. If you still prefer, you can definitely have your soft serve in a bowl, but there is nothing better than eating soft serve with a delicious crunchy wafer. They complement each other and become one with each other. If you don’t like the mess, you can opt to place the soft serve in a hard candy shell and enjoy.

    Easy to Make with Ingredients

    Unlike traditional hard ice cream, it is easy to mix in any ingredient you love and desire to be a part of your soft serve ice cream. This includes fruits, candies or crushed biscuits. These ingredients are easily added in with just a swirl of the spoon. Soft serve ice cream is an extremely versatile dessert that can be switched up in many ways. As such, it is a dessert you can choose to get creative with, and add your favourite toppings.

    Soft Serve Ice Cream is the Freshest Ice Cream

    Soft serve ice cream cannot be stored in the freezer as it will lose its unique texture. Furthermore, the high demand means that ice cream served to you is always fresh. Soft serve ice cream machines are designed to hold the perfect temperatures without exposing the contents to air to maintain freshness all day long. In traditional ice cream, you may sometimes spot ice crystals which are mixed into the traditional ice cream. This is because when you scoop the ice cream, it will melt each time it is exposed to the air and refreeze each time it is placed back into the freezer. You will not have this problem with soft serve ice cream.

    Healthier Choice with Less Fat

    The process of making soft serve ice cream includes pumping air into the ice cream to make it fluffier and lighter. The incorporation of air makes it less dense than traditional ice cream, which also means it has less calories. As such, soft serve ice cream is more popular and superior to traditional ice cream as it is the healthier choice. Furthermore, other soft-serve products like yoghurt also provide a fat-free alternative to traditional ice cream. Although it still depends on the quantity you eat and the ingredients used in making the ice cream, but as compared to hard, traditional ice cream, soft serve is superior.

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