• Why Should You Invest In A Frozen Beverage Machine?

    When it comes to adding a new product line or menu item to your store or restaurant, a frozen beverage machine is your best bet. Coming with the advantages of increasing foot traffic and generating revenue, it seems that the allure of frozen beverages has never died down and is, in fact, on the rise. Beloved by adults and children alike, did you know that frozen beverage machines are used in 80% of gas stations and convenience stores worldwide? That’s right – if you need a reason to invest in one, this is it.

    In this article, we explore some more reasons you should invest in a frozen beverage machine.

    Increased Foot Traffic

    Although slushies and frozen beverages have been around for some time, the novelty has never worn off. This is due in part to the numerous colorful and vibrant flavors on offer, which are steadily increasing. When you want to increase foot traffic to your store, what better way to do so than invest in a frozen beverage machine? Customers may even purchase other food items to go with their drinks. Furthermore, in the age of Instagram “aestheticism”, the younger set are drawn to visually attractive beverages and are likely to feature your drinks on social media, giving you free publicity.

    Lower Capital and Higher Gains

    There is very little expense involved in introducing frozen beverages as a new product line. Besides the initial cost of the machine, the ingredients needed to produce a carbonated frozen beverage come at a very low cost while generating an astounding 70% to 120% gross profit! This is because carbonated frozen beverages contain 50% air and 40% water. The only other ingredient you are paying for is syrup, which makes up only 10% of the beverage.

    Low Maintenance

    Did you know that you can keep frozen beverage machines running for up to a year before it needs maintenance? This is due to its sealed system within a stainless-steel cylinder, ensuring that no bacteria find its way in. Your frozen beverage machine will be ready to serve customers all year round, ensuring that you do not lose out on seasonal revenue.

    Pro tip: Cleaning your frozen beverage machine on daily basis eliminates the need for maintenance for a year or two.

    Unique Customer Experience

    With a self-serve frozen beverage machine in your store, customers can mix flavors as they please to create their own concoction. Coupled with the colorful product display, this translates into a unique customer experience that cannot be found elsewhere. Imagine if your store only offers bottled drinks. Customers will miss out on the fun of dispensing their own beverage, which can be a memorable experience for the young ones.

    Invest in A Frozen Beverage Machine from FroBev

    If you are looking to expand the offering in your store or restaurant with a frozen beverage machine, FroBev is your one-stop shop. Complete your selection with our fresh freeze granita mixes in a variety of flavors to suit your customers’ tastes and preferences and you are all set to go. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to drop us a call at 845-440-5443.