• Top Questions To Ask When Purchasing A Frozen Beverage Machine

    You may be a restaurant owner or a bar owner looking to start selling frozen beverages in your establishment and are unsure how to make your decision. What are the pros and cons of owning a frozen beverage machine? It can be considered quite a significant investment, so you may want to think things through before making the decision to purchase. Here are some questions you can ask when deciding to purchase a frozen beverage machine.

    Is the Ice Drink Machine Reliable?

    If the provider you choose for the ice drink machine offers low-quality equipment, it may mean that high repair costs could be incurred from frequent breakdowns. Unreliable equipment is not only expensive to repair, but it will be extremely frustrating for customers and business owners when the frozen beverage is not available for purchase. Furthermore, lower quality equipment needs more cleaning and maintenance to function well. This results in increased labor costs, downtime and lost revenue. Before you purchase your frozen beverage machine, ensure that the product you are buying is of good quality. Get to know the expected repair costs, cleaning time, downtime and lifespan of it. On average, a good frozen beverage machine can last up to 7 years.

    Is it Easy to Operate the Frozen Beverage Machine?

    Another factor to consider is whether the frozen beverage machine is easy to operate by both your employees and your customers. If the machine is easy to operate, less time can be spent on training your employees. This helps to maximize time and profitability. Furthermore, when customers feel that the equipment you have is easy and enjoyable to use, you will see a boost in sales and increased customer loyalty.

    Although good quality equipment may be a bit more expensive, your long-term savings, customer satisfaction and profits will make up for it.

    Does the Machine Come with After-Sales Service and Support?

    The service and support you receive after a sale are important factors to consider. If you choose a cheaper machine, it may incur hidden costs you did not anticipate prior in the form of a lack after sale support, lack of warranty, long lead times and more. You should also consider the fact that an inferior, cheaper design may be more difficult and expensive to repair and maintain.

    Is Renting, Leasing or Buying a Frozen Beverage Machine Better?

    Sometimes, purchasing equipment is not feasible for every business out there. Depending on how your business is doing financially, you can choose to either rent or lease your equipment. If you find that purchasing equipment is too costly for your business now, renting or leasing is your next best option.

    Should I Purchase a Used or New Machine?

    There are a number of factors you need to consider. How old is the second-hand machine, and what are the repair costs? Sometimes, you may be tempted to buy a used machine as you pay less upfront, but you need to be aware of other unanticipated costs like repair costs when it breaks down. When making your decision, take into account all these factors before purchasing a second-hand machine.

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