• Top Features And Benefits Of Ice Cream Machines

    Ice cream has endured as a popular dessert choice throughout the years, coming in a variety of flavors to suit any taste and palette. From the classic vanilla to butterscotch and chocolate, dairy-free options such as sorbet have ensured that everyone with any dietary requirement can enjoy this delicious dessert. If you are a business that sells ice cream to customers on a large scale, you will benefit from getting an ice cream machine.

    In this article, we share with you the top features and benefits of ice cream machines that make them such a great investment for businesses.

    Offer Soft Serve Ice Cream to Your Customers

    Although ice cream can easily be bought at any supermarket or convenience store, this ice cream tend to have a “hard” texture until they have had the chance to thaw. However, the soft serve ice cream that can be bought at dessert shops and kiosks is dispensed straight from an ice cream machine and served on the spot. Softer and creamier than ordinary ice cream, this is because soft serve ice cream is made at a slightly lower temperature.

    Customers with sensitive teeth no longer have to worry about the numbing sensation that comes with taking their first bite of ice cream due to the texture of soft serve ice cream: it immediately melts in your mouth. Even if you do not suffer from sensitive teeth, the “brain freeze” that comes with biting into something cold can be avoided when you opt for soft serve ice cream.

    Convenient and Easy to Operate

    Commercial ice cream machines can churn out a yummy frozen treat within a matter of seconds. Furthermore, depending on the model you choose, some machines can dispense different types of ice creams in one, such as soft serve, yogurt, sorbet, gelato and more. The high capacity of commercial ice cream machines also makes them perfect for meeting customer demand.

    Choose from Countertop or Floor Units

    Only have a small shopfront and are on a limited budget? Not to worry – when you choose to buy an ice cream machine, there are both countertop and floor units available to suit your needs. As the name implies, countertop units are smaller and made to perch on a counter, making them great for smaller businesses. They are also easier to operate and require a lower level of maintenance.

    However, if you own a bigger business and experience medium- to high-volume of ice cream orders, a floor unit may be a better option. Although costlier, they come with more features and options than countertop units.

    Purchase Your Commercial Ice Cream Machine from FroBev

    Whether you are looking for a countertop or floor ice cream machine for your business, FroBev has got a wide selection to suit every need and budget. Add a few bags of ice cream mixes to your cart, and you are all set to serve some delicious frozen treats to your customers. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to drop us a call at 845-440-5443.